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4-20 Issue of The Disruptor: The Underbelly of Health - AVAILABLE NOW!

Hello SSW Community! We are very pleased to bring you our special 4-20 issue of The Disruptor, a student journal of reflections, shared analysis, and critical commentary.

Access the full issue on our website:

Or, sign up here to have each issue sent directly to your inbox:

The theme for this month is The Underbelly of Health. We explore various topics that challenge the way we typically approach health, using both an analytical approach and applying the lens of personal experience. With a special focus on drug policy, we look into the past, interrogate the present, and propose ideas for the future of social work education and practice. We also spotlight art and creative writing from students and faculty.

We have included a new feature in this issue: Check out the resource list at the end of the issue to keep exploring this issue’s topics or to find support for yourself or someone you care about.

You will find dispersed throughout the issue, including this month’s cover art, testimonials from anonymous individuals conveying their experiences with psychoactive chemicals. These are part of an ongoing prompt, Did You Have a Nice Trip?, which seeks to explore the nature of our relationship to substances and reduce stigmatization by aggregating a wide variety of stories, positive and negative. We greatly appreciate those who were willing to share and are continuing this prompt in hopes that the content presented here will generate more participation. This form may be used to submit anonymously:

We will continue gathering testimonials to be included in the final issue of this academic year coming May 14th. See the Call for Submissions & Art for more information:

Graduating students, check out the Call for Submissions linked above! We want to hear from you in our May issue!!

We are always interested in hearing from our readers. Please send any feedback to If you would like to respond to any particular piece, please send your comments to to be compiled into a “Comments from the Readers” section in the next issue.

Continuing students: If you like what you see here, please consider joining us in running this publication! We will continue meeting Fridays at 2pm through May 14th. We welcome all who are interested in joining us! Please email if you would like to help continue this effort into the coming year.

Many thanks to all of our contributors and supporters and to the student leadership of The Disruptor for making this issue possible.

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