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Corey Shdaimah and Debbie Gioia named GLOBaltimore 2020 Teaching Fellows

Daniel Thursz Distinguished Professor of Social Justice Corey Shdaimah, PhD, and Associate Professor Debbie Gioia were chosen as part of the second cohort of the UMB Center for Global Engagement’s GLOBALtimore Teaching fellows for the 2020-2021 academic hear. They join a cohort of faculty and staff from schools across campus for this year’s focus, which is collaborative online learning (COIL). The GLOBALtimore Teaching Fellows Program consists of workshops, support stipends, and membership in a learning community of faculty from across UMB’s professional and graduate schools to learn about global education and how to integrate global concepts into new or existing courses.

You can read more about their respective projects, Social Justice Practice in Divided Cities (Shdaimah) and Exploring Educational Interruptions Due to COVID19 from Narratives of Students in China and in Maryland (Gioia), and about the GLOBALtimore Teaching Fellowship at:

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