Corey Shdaimah Published in Ethics and Social Welfare

Professor Corey Shdaimah and a colleague have a new paper published in Ethics and Social Welfare. Title: ‘The Faintest Stirring of Hope Became Possible’: Pandemic Postscript Many of the concerns laid out by the authors in our special issue (No 1, Vol. 14), Ethical Conflicts in Social Work Practice: Challenges and Opportunities, have been brought into sharp relief during the COVID19 pandemic. It is our shared hope that social work will lead the way in making this greater urgency as an opening for greater opportunities. This postscript is based on our reflections during these days of crisis. We know that the pandemic is still extracting a heavy human, social and economic toll. Billions of families are still keeping quarantine in their homes. Others, less privileged, are looking for safe places to prevent their families and children from the contagion. Millions of people have been infected and hundreds of thousands of people have died from it. The crisis has placed social workers with other health and welfare professionals at the forefront of the struggle. At the end the crisis will pass and leave its mark on what is to come. Historically, global crises of this magnitude have given humankind an opportunity to examine the truths and values that gave a sense of order and meaning in ordinary times. They were fertile ground for far-reaching, paradigmatic changes. While it is still too early to predict what will come, it is already possible to identify some of the values embedded in the pre-COVID19 social and economic life, to examine how they stand up to the epidemic and to start setting the ethical foundations for a post-COVID19 Social Work. Strier, R., Shdaimah, C. (2020). ‘The Faintest Stirring of Hope Became Possible’: Pandemic Postscript. Ethics and Social Welfare. 1-6. 10.