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Cultural and Linguistic Competency Course

The course is composed of consecutive e-learning series discussing three major concepts that form the framework for achieving cultural competency as part of service delivery.

Part 1, Standing Up to Bias: Yours, Mine, and Ours explains the influence of implicit bias on service delivery and walks participants through exercises designed to help them examine their own implicit biases.

Part 2, Addressing Health and Health Equity: An Imperative underscores the importance of equity in service delivery and explores what it will take to achieve true health equity in behavioral health care.

Part 3, Another Ouch: The Anatomy of Microaggressions and the \'isms defines and provides examples of microaggressions and \'isms — sexism, racism, ageism, heterosexism, etc. — and breaks down how they can create barriers to effective service delivery.

You can take this consecutive e-learning series at your own pace and receive 1.25 NBCC CEUs or a Certificate of Attendance (COA) upon completion of the course and final test. We hope you will take the time to engage in this e-learning series. Please use the following link to register and access this course:

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