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Webinar: "Anti-Racism Advocacy & Consumer Perspectives" Hosted by the National Health

Webinar: Anti-Racism Advocacy & Consumer Perspectives Friday, August 14, 2020 01:00 PM EDT - 02:00 PM EDT We know that anti-racism work is critical to ending homelessness, but how do we go from acknowledging systemic racism to actually doing something about it? In this “coffee chat," attendees will hear from policy professionals and a consumer leader about the National Health Care for the Homeless Council’s consumer story-telling project on the impact of racism on health and on incorporating the consumer perspective in advocacy. Examples of tangible actions at the state, local, and federal level that are applicable to homeless health care organizations will be shared. Join us and come with questions on how we can center anti-racism in our advocacy work. Speakers: Judith Park, Graduate Policy Intern, National Health Care for the Homeless Council and MSW/MPH Candidate at the University of Maryland, Baltimore Mercedes Elizalde, MNPL, Public Policy Director, Central City Concern in Portland, OR Valarie Dowell, Consumer Advocate and NHCHC Board Member, Cincinnati, OH Moderator: Regina Reed, MPH, National Health Policy Organizer, National Health Care for the Homeless Council Link to Register:

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