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Online History of Oppression and Resistance Pre-req Opens 7/16 (Required for All New MSW Students)

We are excited to announce that on Thursday, July 16th, the new SSW pre-requisite A Brief History of Oppression and Resistance will be available to all students. This online course will help to set the stage for awareness and action related to confronting injustice that is integral to your entire experience here at the SSW and in your career as a social worker. The course will focus on Baltimore as a representation of other cities, communities, and groups that experience and fight oppression of themselves and others in our society. This is a self-paced online course that will include narrated content, links to resources for further exploration, and brief reflection assignments. The course will take approximately 15 hours to complete. This course is required for all new incoming students (full-time and part-time, foundation and advanced) and is optional (though encouraged) for all continuing students. New incoming students: Starting on Thursday, July 16th, you can access this course through Blackboard. We recommend that you take this course after you have completed the required Blackboard Orientation, which you can access here: You are expected to complete A Brief History of Oppression and Resistance before the first day of classes on August 24th. For foundation students, the journal assignments you complete in this online course are due as an assignment on the first day of SOWK 610, Structural Oppression and Its Implications for Social Work. For advanced standing students, we encourage you to complete the journals as a way to reflect on the material and your own learning. Continuing students: If you are interested in taking this pre-requisite (there is no credit and no additional tuition costs), please complete this brief form to register: You will receive an email from Dean Lehning when you are able to access the course through Blackboard.

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