Corey Shdaimah Published in Qualitative Data Repository

Dr. Corey Shdaimah, Daniel Thursz Distinguished Professor of Social Justice, published data from her ethnographic study of court-affiliated prostitution diversion programs in Baltimore and Philadelphia from 2011-2014 in the Qualitative Data Repository (QDR).

These data are the first installment from the study and represent approximately one third of the interviews with program participants in the data. If anyone is interested in learning more about the study, or about QDR, please contact Dr. Shdaimah. The published data set can be viewed at: Shdaimah, Corey. 2020. "Problem-Solving Courts, Street Level Bureaucrats, and Clients as Policy Agents in a Prostitution Diversion Program". Qualitative Data Repository.


2020 University of Maryland School of Social Work

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