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Another new Advanced Research Course for Fall 2020

SOWK 789 (03): Applied Research Project This exciting new advanced research course is designed to integrate the advanced year field experience with a self-directed project using practice/policy-relevant data to inform decision-making. The class will meet once a month, from September 2020 to April 2021, for 90 minutes of didactics and a vibrant interactive class discussion. The seminar will provide an instructor-mentored, student-directed applied project experience, during which students will: identify practice-relevant data sources (typically existing data sources within the field placement), assess the validity of the identified data sources, establish research questions, and conduct an analysis of data to address the established research questions and guide future practice. Project activities will be developed in close collaboration with relevant stakeholders from the student’s field placement and adhere to all relevant ethical standards for conducting quality improvement research. Approved to fulfill advanced research requirement for Macro and Clinical students in Aging, Children & Families, Health (and CAFH), and CASP specializations. This class will meet 4 Fridays in the fall and 4 Fridays in the spring. Please direct any questions to Dr. John Cagle (

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