Sewing and 3D Printers - Cloth Face Masks and Plastic Ear Savers Needed

The response to UMMC/UMSON's call for cloth face masks has been overwhelming and heartwarming. As of Sunday, April 4, those responding to UMSON's call had provided UMMC with nearly 2,000 face masks.

But UMMC now has an even greater need for cloth face masks and is asking anyone willing and able to participate in making them to do so.

These cloth face masks, which will be provided to patients, visitors, and staff members working in non-direct patient care, will allow the hospital to preserve medical grade masks for those providing direct patient care.

If you are able to sew and can provide face masks for the cause, please consider doing so.

In addition, UMMC is seeking assistance from anyone with a 3-D printer. Because providers have to wear face masks for extended periods of times, it is causing broken skin and irritation behind their ears. Plastic “ear savers” can alleviate this issue.

A template for the preferred design can be found here. Alternate designs can be found here, here, and here.

This image shows an example of the preferred design:

Once you have made the masks and/or the ear savers, please mail them to: Susan Dorsey 5401 Hamlet Avenue Baltimore, MD 21214 If you have any questions about connecting with Susan, please email her at Susan will deliver the face masks and ear savers to UMSON weekly, and UMMC will arrange to send someone to UMSON to pick them up.


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