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CHaSCI Community Webinar: Care Management in the Time of COVID-19

CHaSCI Community webinar: Care Management in the Time of COVID-19

Tuesday April 14, 1:00-2:00pm CT (2-3pm ET, 11am-12pm PT)

Across the country and world, the healthcare system has shifted focus on containing the novel coronavirus and mitigating its health impacts on those infected. While preventive physical distancing and “shelter in place” practices are slowing the surge of cases, these shifts have also created challenges for providing health and social care to diverse populations who are vulnerable to changes in their care plans. As central contacts for patients and families, care managers play an important role in supporting them as they face postponed procedures, adjusted routines, anxieties about getting basic needs met, and social isolation. While daunting, core social work competencies and clinical skills can be leveraged to address such challenges. This CHaSCI Community webinar will feature Sarah Mitchell Chen, LCSW, ambulatory social work care manager at Rush University Medical Center, who will discuss these topics and share strategies from her work supporting patients and families on the west side of Chicago.

Learning objectives:

  1. Describe challenges in accessing health and social care due to COVID-19 response

  2. Explain how social isolation, trauma, grief, and fear are exacerbating the impact of COVID-19

  3. Identify strategies to leverage social work therapeutic skills and the person-in-environment perspective to provide comfort and help anticipate and navigate care needs

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