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SSW's Lane Victorson and Kimberly Street Published in Journal of Social Work Education

Clinical Faculty Field Instructor Lane Victorson and Clinical Field Instructor Kimberly Street and colleagues have a new paper published in Journal of Social Work Education. Abstract: People experiencing homelessness or other life crises often seek respite, information, and assistance in libraries. Librarians, like social workers, are helping professionals and have historically been advocates for and supporters of low-income groups. However, librarians may lack the knowledge, skills, and capacity to provide adequate support. As a result, social workers have become integral to innovative library initiatives serving low-income and homeless patrons. This field note presents three examples of how schools of social work partnered with public libraries to create student internships to support library patrons, including those experiencing homelessness. Each example provides an overview of how the partnership developed and the intern’s role and responsibilities. The note concludes with guidance for schools interested in establishing similar field placements. Aykanian, A., Morton, P., Trawver, K., Victorson, L., Preskitt, S., & Street, K. (2020). Library-Based Field Placements: Meeting the Diverse Needs of Patrons, Including Those Experiencing Homelessness. Journal of Social Work Education, 1-9. doi:10.1080/10437797.2020.1723757

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