Dr. Theda Rose and Colleagues Receive NIH Funding

Project Title: Psychosocial Problems, Positive Development, and Educational Outcomes Grant Number: 1 R03 HD099390-01A1 Principal Investigator: Dr. Theda Rose SSW Assistant Professor Dr. Theda Rose, (PI) along with co-investigators Dr. Gregory Hancock, University of Maryland, College Park and Dr. Sean Joe, Washington University in St. Louis receive NIH funding. The NICHD funded R03 grant explores psychosocial problems, positive development and educational outcomes among Black youth. Despite a reduction in racial gaps, educational achievement remains a major public health crisis for black adolescents. The proposed study explores how developmental assets mediate and moderate relations between psychosocial problems and educational outcomes among black youth, while considering the effect of contextual factors, and whether these relations vary by cultural factors (ethnicity, racial socialization), gender, and age group. Study findings will improve precision in identifying culturally relevant targets of interventions designed to promote better educational outcomes among black youth and address racial disparities in adolescent educational outcomes.


2020 University of Maryland School of Social Work

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