Caroline Harmon Darrow Published in Conflict Resolution Quarterly

Caroline Harmon-Darrow, a SSW Post Doc, and colleagues have a new paper published in Conflict Resolution Quarterly. Abstract: The Inclusive approach to mediation was created in Maryland in the 1990s to bring the radical inclusion already deeply woven into the community mediation movement to the mediation table as a core belief and practice. Community mediation includes all places (neighborhoods where the dispute occurred), times (convenient to the participants), problems (even if illegal), and people (not just those on a court filing) involved in the conflict. In Inclusive mediation, this inclusivity is applied in the mediation process, welcoming all ideas without filtering or changing them, and working with all types of expression without designing or enforcing communication guidelines. Citation: Harmon-Darrow, Caroline; Charkoudian, Lorig; Ford, Tracee; Ennis, Michele; Bridgeford, Erricka. (2020). Defining Inclusive mediation: Theory, practice, and research. Conflict Resolution Quarterly. 10.1002/crq.21279.


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