Working From Home Tools for Faculty/Staff

UMB has scheduled a few sessions next week on Office 365, which will take place via Webex. Presently, the two classes being offered are:

Office 365 - Working from Home. This session will review the Office 365 suite and the tools you need in order to successfully work from home. The session will focus on OneDrive, SharePoint (and how it works with Teams) and Office Online. We’ll also briefly review the tools available to assist with meeting virtually – Skype and Meetings (within Teams).

Microsoft Teams. This session will go into more depth about the Teams application within Office 365. The session will focus on the Team structure, how users can communicate via Teams, how files can be accessed and edited, how Teams works with SharePoint, and more.

Both sessions are in the Training Database under Office 365/ SharePoint and are labeled “Webex session”.

Please note:

  • We will be monitoring enrollment. If the classes fill up, we will increase the enrollment and/or schedule more sessions.

  • We will email the link to each Webex session to all enrolled participants the morning of the session. This link can be shared with other people! The Webex sessions are rarely ever truly “full”.

  • Additionally, we will record each session and will make the recordings available for people who are unable to attend a live session.

Once in the Training Database, you should be able to:

  • Click Add Course

  • Select Office 365/SharePoint from the drop down list

  • 3 classes will appear, 2 of which are the Webex sessions we’re presently offering


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