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Emergency Telemental Health Implementation: Moving Fast While Maintaining Standard of Care - Webinar

With the United States moving quickly into social isolation measures, there’s an urgent need for therapists to get their clients into a telehealth plan fast. But how do you do that and keep up standard of care? This webinar will provide actionable information about:

  • National-level standards of care

  • Typical variations among states and professions, and a fast method for discovering the standards for your profession in your state.

  • Strategies for meeting the most vital standards of care, and guidance for knowing when you may not reasonably be able to do so.

This event will assume that attendees are mental/behavioral health counselors and therapists working to get existing, in-person clients into online therapy, and that those clients will be remaining in the therapist’s own local area.

Vital Stats

Presenters: Roy Huggins, LPC NCC; Liath Dalton

Date: Tuesday, March 17th (Yes, it’s very soon!)

Length: 30 minutes Time: 1:10PM – 1:40PM Pacific; 2:10PM – 2:40PM Mountain; 3:10PM – 3:40PM Central; 4:10PM – 4:40PM Eastern Format: Live online seminar

Cost: Free of charge. Registrants will be subscribed to the Person Centered Tech newsletter.

A recording will be available after the live event.

This is not a continuing education event.

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