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GOTV with SWCOS Action Alert Concerning COVID-19

All events put on by GOTV with SWCOS are CANCELLED until further notice. Again, be vigilant in DISRUPTING false narratives and rumors concerning COVID-19 and how it will influence rights to engage in voting and the census. Be sure to look at official (census and st board of elections) sources for this information. Remember, we have the choice to DISRUPT false information. A great place to start is, We know, one can self respond/report to the Census via phone, online, and by mail. Due to this, a neighbor can respond to the Census in the safety of their home and neighborhood. As a way to meet folks where they are at, we have below a "Census 2020.QuickAccess.reporting" tool.

Please share with your community. If you need access to the GOTV with SWCOS “Civic Actions Resources” google folder or would like to be added to the "GOTV with SWCOS Action Alerts" Google Group please email

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