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The SSW's Promise Heights featured in Op-Ed by Senator Van Hollen on the Blueprint for Maryland&

promise heights

On Monday, March 2, The Baltimore Sun published an opinion piece written by Senator Chris Van Hollen on the Kirwan Blueprint for Maryland's Future legislation. Since Senator Van Hollen first joined Congress in 2003, he has been an advocate for Maryland's children, supporting and introducing acts informed by the The Thornton Commission and the more recent Kirwan Commission. He spotlights The Historic Samuel Coleridge-Taylor Elementary School (HSCT), a Community School under Promise Heights -both the successes they have seen and the shortfalls of the system. These issues are not unique to HSCT; they are in fact a sampling of the variety of issues plaguing Maryland's education system. "We need to recommit ourselves to this fight. In America, every child should get an education that empowers them to reach their dreams. And we should honor teachers and all educators for the critical role they play in our democracy." For the full article, visit,

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