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Join Us March 30th For FACTUALITY! A Crash Course & Board Game on Structural Inequality

Imagine playing Monopoly, but you and your colleagues are the game pieces; and the real estate properties are various historical, and covenant neighborhoods around Baltimore City; but instead of “chance cards”, a whistle followed by daunting statistics determine your fate as you attempt to leverage your power to successfully navigate society; Factuality offers an interactive crash course on structural inequality in America. The simulation thoroughly unpacks topics including redlining, gentrification, pay-gaps, incarceration disparities, and limitations in access to care based on cultural insensitivity. The event allows for a safe space to delve into the intricacies of societies strategic marginalization of specific groups of people. Two Sessions Will be offered: 9am-11am (with 8:30am breakfast) & 1pm-3pm (with 12:30 lunch) For questions or comments, please contact Amber Richardson at

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