Alexandra Wimberly]Published in the Journal of Correctional Health

Assistant Professor Alexandra Wimberly, PhD, and colleagues have a new paper published in Journal of Correctional Health. Abstract The negative impacts of stress on antiretroviral therapy (ART) adherence and the many stressors faced by people returning from incarceration support the need for stress reduction interventions for this population. We hypothesized that 37 returning citizens living with HIV and substance use problems randomized to a 12-session weekly yoga intervention would experience improved ART adherence, lower viral loads, and lower heart rate and blood pressure as compared to 36 people randomized to treatment as usual (TAU). We found that ART adherence increased for yoga participants and decreased for TAU participants. There were no significant changes for viral load, heart rate, or blood pressure. The lack of statistically significant effects may be due to a small sample size and enrollment of people largely in HIV treatment. Studies with larger sample sizes and participants exhibiting low ART adherence are warranted to better understand yoga’s impact. Wimberly, A. S., Gross, R., & Layde, M. (2020). Effect of Yoga on Antiretroviral Adherence Postincarceration in HIV+ Individuals. Journal of Correctional Health Care.


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