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SSW's Institute Earns Funding for Youth-At-Risk of Homelessness Funding

$375,000 in funding has been awarded to support the SSW's Institute for Innovation and Implementation project - Youth-At-Risk of Homelessness Project.

This funding is provided by the Children’s Bureau to Mathematica to establish a third phase of the Youth At-Risk of Homelessness (YARH) work, known in Maryland as Thrive@25. This phase of work is focused on continuing to build evidence on the effectiveness and impact of the Enhanced Youth Transitional Planning (E-YTP) Model that is being implemented within the 5 local departments of social services on Maryland’s Mid-Shore to better prepare youth transition to adulthood. Findings will be reported on the impact of the model on the rural child welfare workforce and the impact on the youth and young adults who received the intervention. Deborah Harburger is PI, Elizabeth Greeno is Co-I and Lead Evaluator, and Carrie Gould-Kabler is Project Director.

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