LMSW Prep Part 1 and 2 Workshop Recording Available

The Office of Student Services would like to share the recorded links to the LMSW Prep Part 1 and 2 Workshops conducted on Monday, February 3rd and 10th, 2020. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact OSS at STSERVICES@ssw.umaryland.edu. LMSW Prep Part 1 https://mediasite.umaryland.edu/Mediasite/Play/f340ad156719448d92beafe5105934b21d?catalog=be72f988cfdd4caca85a31024eeec65b21 LMSW Prep Part 2 https://mediasite.umaryland.edu/Mediasite/Play/6018fae756a7491693d30ee9ad68afca1d?catalog=be72f988cfdd4caca85a31024eeec65b21


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