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Crumpton Co-authors ActionAid-Myanmar Report


This week ActionAid-Myanmar released the report entitled, "Like Wax of a Candle": Youth-Led Community Development in Kayin State, Myanmar, co-authored by UMSSW adjunct faculty member David Crumpton. Through its Fellows Programme, ActionAid-Myanmar has supported villages across Myanmar in participatory planning and community development. This report examines the experience of ActionAid fellows as they work with villagers, village leaders and representatives of the Government of Myanmar and Ethnic Armed Organizations (EAOs) in the realization of the objectives of community development. The report describes this ground level governance-building as 'proto-governance' because it has not been institutionalized into formal governing structures and processes. The report makes recommendations regarding how a bridge can be built between this form of 'proto-governance' and formal governing structures. The full report can be accessed at: Crumpton serves as consultant to ActionAid-Myanmar and is also lead evaluator for its Safe Spaces project which addresses urban safety issues for women and children in Yangon and Mandalay.

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