Faculty/Staff: Doing This One Thing Helps Others at the SSW Greatly

Did you know that if your contact information in the campus directory is not up to date it can impact your benefits, travel reimbursements, even possibly your paycheck?

Please take 1-minute and make sure your name, address, phone numbers, emergency contact info, and more are up to date in the UMB Campus Directory! It’s simple, log in to the MyUMB Portal (the same link you submit your timesheets) and select the My UMB Employee Self Service Tab.

Then select the My Personal Information link to see and edit your directory information.

Just by doing this one simple thing you can help those in the business office, and elsewhere on campus, serve you better and faster. Please do so today.


2020 University of Maryland School of Social Work

Office of Communications  410.706.4542  bulletin@ssw.umaryland.edu