SWCOS Executive Director Wendy Shaia, SSW Alumna Geneen Godsey and Others Published in Smith College

SWCOS Executive Director Wendy Shaia, private practice therapist David Avruch, former Family Connections clinician Katherine Green, and SSW alumna Geneen Godsey, recently published an article in the journal, Smith College Studies in Social Work. The article is entitled, “Socially-engineered trauma and a new social work pedagogy: Socioeducation as a critical foundation of social work practice." Abstract: Recent social science data identifies white supremacist racism, neoliberal economic policies and cisgender-heteropatriarchy as three primary systemic engines of traumatic outcomes at the individual level. Social work pedagogy, however, fails to identify such experiences as socially-engineered trauma (SET). Lacking an explicitly anti-oppressive pedagogy, social workers attend to micro-level traumas while ignoring the macro forces leading to trauma exposure among certain populations. The term socioeducation is introduced as a method for discussing macro social systems with clients to support trauma recovery, with the goal of catalyzing client and worker participation in social justice movements seeking to disrupt oppressive systems. The article may be found here: https://doi.org/10.1080/00377317.2019.1704146


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