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Call for Chapters: Social Work Field Instruction in Modern Practice

Call for Papers -- please circulate widely

Samuel Little, PhD, Laura Loessner, LCSW-C, & Mirian Ofonedu, PhD, editors

Chapters due 2.15.20. Selection notifications by 3.1.20.

Our text aims to engage social work field instructors and supervisors in an accessible manner. Current titles in this area lean heavily on theoretical approaches without practical application strategies. Our title aims to equip the reader with conversational, user-friendly approaches, grounded in theory supplemented with exercises designed to promote involvement with subject content and develop critical thinking, self-reflection and engagement with social work supervisees, agency staff, and field education professionals. Current Chapters • Infusing Cultural Humility in Social Work Field Education • Innovations in Orientation: Guiding Students and Field Instructors • Preparing students to engage with and in culturally diverse communities • Workforce Development and Work Life Balance in Field Education • Accommodating & Supporting Students Experiencing Disabilities in Field Placements • Field Perpsectives from India • Mindfulness and Self Care in Field Instruction • Human Trafficking Field Placements • Trauma Informed Practice in Field Education • Service Placements with Persons Experiencing Homelessness • Clients as Co-producers of Systemic Change • A Model for teaching social work students about inclusion through field seminars Areas of Interest for Additional Chapters • Best practices and lessons learned in setting up field placement networks for all-online MSW programs • Field work and the opioid crisis • Stipended and unstipended field placements and their impact on diverse recruitment, inclusion, and workforce development • The Grand Challenges of Social Work, and field education as a germination ground for their achievement • Adoption of technologically mediated services, such as tele-therapy. • Lessons learned and best practices for international field placements by US schools of social work • Macro mis-match: how to resolve the high demand for macro social work field placements and the low number of macro students in the field Criteria for selection 1. The chapter is in congruence with the mission of the book 2. The material is useful to the field education practice 3. A literature review presents relevant information in support of the chapter 4. The chapter clearly states the issue or topic of interest 5. The chapter is clearly organized in a logical fashion 6. The approach is undergirded by theory. The theory is introduced and explained within the context of the approach 7. The chapter contains case studies or examples for applied practice in field 8. The exercises, worksheets and/ or case examples could easily be used by practitioners in a field practice setting Submission: Please email chapters to Dr. Samuel Little by 2.15.20 at

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