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PhD Candidate Rachel Margolis Presents at APHA

margolis presentation

Rachel Margolis, a 4th year PhD candidate, presented her research at the American Public Health Association's 2019 Annual Meeting in Philadelphia last week.

The presentation was entitled "Multilevel Analysis of the Relationship Between Maternal Depression and Medication Adherence in Urban, African-American Children with High-Risk Asthma." Margolis conducted the research in collaboration with SSW professors Melissa Bellin, PhD (her mentor), Jay Unick, PhD and several other researchers, including Mona Tsoukleris, PharmD a Professor Emeritus at the UMB School of Pharmacy, Joan Kub, PhD, a professor of nursing at USC, and Arlene Butz, RN, ScD, a professor at Johns Hopkins and the PI of the randomized trial from which the data in this secondary data analysis came. To see the abstract and for more information on this session click the following link:

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