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Today: Talking About Abortion - 5pm - 6pm in 3E08, 3rd Floor

The Intersectional Feminism and Social Work group is hosting an event with NARAL Pro-Choice Maryland: Talking About Abortion in Challenging Spaces. Wednesday, November 20 5pm - 6pm ROOM CHANGE: 3E08, 3rd Floor This first half of the module will provide basic knowledge about reproductive health, rights, and justice, so all participants feel more comfortable and confident talking about the full scope of reproductive freedom. A broad range of topics will be covered in simple and accessible language during this session. It is designed to be an open and honest conversation about abortion care, allowing for questions and comments. Part One is appropriate for people from a variety of backgrounds, with varying degrees of familiarity to Maryland politics and reproductive rights. This session will include: - Recommended ground rules and best practices for facilitating a conversation about issues related to reproductive freedom in supportive, as well as challenging spaces - An introduction to definitions and frameworks used to define reproductive health, rights, and justice - Myth-busting common misconceptions on topics surrounding reproductive freedom - Exploration about the origins of abortion care stigma, how it is perpetuated, and how to not contribute to the stigma - Overview of Maryland policies, laws, and pressing issues related to reproductive healthcare access and rights - The importance of voting in local, state, and national elections to protect reproductive freedom

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