New Online Course for Spring 2020: SOWK 720

For the first time for spring 2020 semester the School of Social Work will offer SOWK 720, Comparative Social Policy as an online course. Dr. David Crumpton will teach the course. Dr. Crumpton has also taught online sections of SOWK 600, Social Welfare and Social Policy and SOWK 772, Evaluation Research.

In addition to offering a comparative approach to consider social problems and policy approaches to address them, Dr. Crumpton will utilize a global perspective that emphasizes international collaboration to address concerns of common interest. The course’s focus on matters of historic importance to social work such as poverty, child welfare, discrimination, and social justice will be enhanced by looking at the commitments of social workers through the prism of sustainable development. Comparisons will be offered not only between social policy in the United States and other rich nations of the global west and north, but also across the developing east and south. Additionally, Dr. Crumpton will draw upon his recent experiences working in Brazil, Thailand, Indonesia, and Myanmar to bring attention to social problems and policy in developing settings.


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