SSW Dean Search Update from Search Chairs Tobin and Ward

The Dean Search Chair Donald Tobin and Co-Chair Roger J. Ward thank you for your assistance in making the first visit of Storbeck Pimentel so very successful earlier this week. First, Janice Hicks, Christina Fenwick, Devon Prater, and Justin Hanna made sure everything flowed beautifully. Associate Dean Amanda Lehning, and Associate Professor Jay Unick were invaluable in helping us try to secure the right times and invites.

Each member of the school's community is valued and we hope to meet those who we did not meet earlier this week. Please participate when you can. Yesterday's input from faculty, staff and students was very insightful. Here is an email link to the Storbeck Pimentel search team: If you have candidates you would like to nominate they welcome names as well as your thoughts.

The Search Committee and the School have partnered on a website. It is being kept up to date with all the information shared with the general public. Recently posted are the Advertisement that is currently being circulated (feel free to send to people you think are qualified) and the names of the Search Committee members.

Tricia D. O'Neill from UMB Operations and Institutional Effectiveness is serving as staff: Pronouns she/her.


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