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MSW Student Saviet Presents Research Posters in Toronto


Advanced year MSW student, Micah Saviet, presents two research posters in Toronto, Canada today at a conference called the Canadian ADHD Resource Alliance's (CADDRA) 6th Annual ADHD Research Day ( One of his posters, titled "Sleep and ADHD: Incorporating Research into Clinical Practice (A Rapid Systematic Review of the Literature", ranked in the top 10 for the CADDRA ADHD Research Day and was selected as a recipient for the Kids' Brain Health Network (KBHN) Student/Trainee Award of $500 CAD. Poster Abstract: Sleep is a critically important topic for individuals with ADHD as well as their health care professionals. Recent research indicates that the relationship between ADHD and sleep is both complex and bi-directional. In mid-2017 a rapid systematic literature review was conducted in the PubMed database using the search terms "ADHD" and "Sleep" and "2016". Identified studies (n=146) underwent three waves of accepting or rejecting studies and based on the predetermined inclusion/exclusion criteria, 48 articles were retained. Out of the six age-group categories that the final articles (n=48) were sorted into, only adult and young adult studies (n=13) are summarized and reported in-depth. Clinicians will benefit from understanding at least five key findings emerging from these studies: (1) sleep problems can both mimic and exacerbate ADHD symptoms; (2) ADHD may cause or contribute to sleep problems; (3) the impact of ADHD treatment on sleep should be considered; (4) a thorough assessment of sleep is critical for individuals diagnosed with ADHD; (5) available evidence-based treatment approaches for supporting sleep deserve increased attention. Continuing research further examining the physiological and behavioral interconnection between ADHD and sleep will refine and enhance available treatment options.

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