EMDR Training at Pro Bono Counseling Project

PBCP has received a grant to offer EMDR training to 60 clinicians. This training typically costs over $2,000 per person, and this funding allows us to offer it to you for only $500. Participation in the EMDR training is contingent on your willingness to enroll as a PBCP volunteer, and accept at least two pro bono referrals from PBCP. The training will take place in the Baltimore area, over two three-day weekends in 2019 (October 4-6 and November 15-17), and will also include 6 hours of phone case consultation.

If you are interested in participating, please complete the following screening form: https://forms.gle/52bFXFLhcYC6odp16 Please contact Tina Fleming at 410-816-5057 if you have any questions.


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