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7th Annual Global Well-Being and Social Change Conference

CALL FOR PROPOSALS The 2020 academic year offers the perfect opportunity to “check our vision,” assess where we stand as agents of social change, and broaden our view of and responses to social problems and causes of social inequity. Across disciplines, social change agents are called upon to identify what works and to respond with innovation to problems that have proven particularly resistant to change. How might we think about issues, discuss divergent ideas, and develop strategies that are inclusive and responsive to need? How can we foster social justice for our communities and clients by building on current evidence that tells us what is working? We invite you to this year’s conference and ask that you share your experiences of what works in your sphere of influence and / or to share innovations or promising practices.

Our conference welcomes research that identifies barriers to social justice and human rights, as well as strategies (policies, programs, and practices) to promote social justice and human rights across diverse populations. These presentations may be original research, theoretical framework(s), clinical interventions, pedagogy, and/or policy/advocacy. Human rights are complex and multifaceted; strategies to enhance it require equally complex and interdisciplinary responses. Scholars, practitioners, students, and agents of social change from all disciplines are encouraged to submit proposals.

Contact Karen Rice at with any questions.

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