Fuld's "Demarginalizing Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities in Graduate Social Work

Clinical Assistant Professor Samantha Fuld, DSW, MSW, LCSW-C, has new research published in the Journal of Social Work Education. The work is titled, "Demarginalizing Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities in Graduate Social Work Education."

ABSTRACT Research on the integration of content about intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) in the MSW curriculum indicates that social work students may not be adequately prepared to work with this population. This is despite the high prevalence of IDD and the frequency that individuals with IDD and their families present for services in settings where social workers practice. When content on IDD is present, it often takes a medical perspective, which overlooks issues of social constructionism, systems of privilege and oppression, self-determination, and strengths. Critical disability theory has the potential to better prepare students for sensitive and competent work with people with IDD and ensure that our educational pedagogy in this area is aligned with social work values.


2020 University of Maryland School of Social Work

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