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Opportunity to Participate in a Project with the Community Behavioral Health Association of Maryland

Community Behavioral Health Association of Maryland: Membership Survey Data Project The Director of Strategy and Engagement at CBH, along with the CBH Board Membership Committee, is looking for a graduate student to create and pilot a new annual membership survey. The content has been identified and the main project need is someone to formulate the specific questions (approximately 30 questions or less), create the online survey tool, and pilot the tool with a representative sample of CBH members. Funding is available for the project and the anticipated timeline is 2 -3 months.

While CBH has a focused data warehouse project with 20 participating members that focuses on quality outcomes, benchmarks and costs across service lines and age groups (PRP, RRP, OMHC, etc.) we do not have critical baseline data for all of our members. This data includes service array, staff levels, locations, and capacity, to name a few. As CBH continues to expand our footprint in advocacy and lobbying with state and elected officials around regulations, reimbursement rates and laws impacting Maryland's behavioral health system this data is central to formulating responses and conducting grassroots advocacy within our membership.

The Community Behavioral Health Association of Maryland (CBH) is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit professional association founded 30 years ago that represents over 60 community and hospital-based behavioral health organizations across the state. Our members range from small rural community providers to large urban/suburban institutions with budgets exceeding $70 million. For more information please contact Ann Walsh, Director of Strategy and Engagement (

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