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Carolyn Tice Has New Macro Social Work Book Published

carolyn tice

Dr. Carolyn Tice, Professor and Associate Dean of the BSW Program, is the lead author of the new book Macro Social Work Practice: Advocacy in Action. The book is co-authored with Dennis D. Long and Lisa E. Cox and published by SAGE.

Macro Social Work Practice: Advocacy in Action shows readers studying in macro social work practice how to enact change at the organizational, community, societal, and global levels. An emphasis is placed on engaging in macro practice using the tenets of the award-winning author team’s Advocacy Policy and Practice Model (APPM) that highlight the inclusion of economic and social justice, supportive environment, human needs and rights, and political access. Beginning with a history of macro practice and continuing with contemporary issues facing social workers, this new text helps readers learn how to enact advocacy, informed by key orientations and perspectives and grounded in timely and relevant examples and causes.

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