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World Premiere: The Moment Was Now-Sept. 13-22

moment was now

The Moment Was Now is a new musical play that takes place in post-civil war Baltimore in 1869, a turning point in US history where America almost did the right thing.

Where: Emmanuel Episcopal Church, 811 Cathedral St, Baltimore

When: Friday September 13th- Sunday September 15th and Friday September 20th- Sunday September 22

Echoing the current moment, the play centers around the impassioned search for unity between the dynamic historic leaders of powerful constituencies during Reconstruction. The conflicts and possibilities unfold at a fictional meeting convened by Frederick Douglass and are elevated by the musical and spoken word format. Hope hangs in the balance at this most unusual gathering of suffragette, abolitionist Susan B. Anthony; Black trade union leader Isaac Myers; feminist author and abolitionist Frances Harper; and National Labor Union president William Sylvis. Railroad Kingpin Jay Gould lurks in the background.

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