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SSW's Smith a Co-author of "Evidence for Differential Predictive Performance of the Prime S

melissa edmondson smith

Assistant Professor Melissa Edmondson Smith is among co-authors of new research published in Psychiatric Services In Advance. The work is titled "Evidence for differential predictive performance of the prime screen between Black and White help-seeking Youths."

The article has also been selected to be featured as a curated article. Journal editor Lisa Dixon and the Early Career Psychiatrist Advisory Committee offer a curated collection from the rich resource of articles published in the journal.


Self-report screening instruments for emerging psychosis have the potential to improve early detection efforts by increasing the number of true positives among persons deemed to be at “clinical high risk” of the disorder, but their practical utility depends on their validity across race. This study sought to examine whether a commonly used self-report screening tool for psychosis risk performed equally among black and white youths in its ability to predict clinical high-risk status.

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