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Announcing SOWK 699: Interdisciplinary HIV Services: Learning from Differentiated Care Models in Bot

UMB students across the campus may apply soon for this 3-hour elective social work course which will also include University of Botswana students via Webex. Several in-person classes will be held at UMB in the fall 2019 and spring 2020 terms. The Botswana, Africa trip will be 4-20 January; this is a mandatory part of the course. Airfare/hotel/etc. costs will be charged separately (est. $2800). Students will be registered in the Spring 2020 term only, though there are UMB classes in the fall semester and in January in Botswana. Interested? • Check the UMSSW online Bulletin and the UMB online Elm for application details and class meeting dates, to be announced soon. • Email Dr. Caroline Long Burry, to be added to the mailing list

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