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Craddock Receives 2019 Changemakers in Family Planning Training Grant

Jaih Craddock

New Assistant Professor Jaih Craddock has been awarded a 2019 Changemakers in Family Planning Training Grant from the Society of Family Planning Research Fund.

The aim of the Changemakers in Family Planning grant award is to provide dedicated support for awardees to develop their research skills and leadership in the field of family planning research. Awardees will have the opportunity to spend 18 months honing research interests.

According to the Society's web site, "Institutionalized racism, past and present, is a barrier to the full participation of people of color in science. This systematic maldistribution of resources, power, and opportunity negatively affects scholars of color who enter the academic sphere and the research produced. The science of family planning is no exception; the underrepresentation of people of color limits the generation of research on abortion and contraception. As a core strategy, the Society of Family Planning Research Fund (SFPRF) is seeking to build and support an inclusive, multidisciplinary, skilled, and well-connected community with a shared focus on family planning. Underlying this strategy is the knowledge that the full participation of scholars of color is essential to pursuing the ambitious vision of just and equitable abortion and contraception, informed by science."

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