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Susan J. Zuravin PhD Scholarship Recipient Announced

Katherine Endy

The PhD Program is proud to announce that Katherine Endy, MSW, LCSW is the recipient of the Susan J. Zuravin PhD Scholarship for the 2019-2020 academic year. Before entering the PhD program, Katherine was the Clinical Director of a mental health agency in southern Maine serving children from birth to five years old, as well as their families. Her research interests include early parenting; factors influencing maternal well-being; brain-based attachment-focused parenting interventions; and interpersonal neurobiology. A fourth-year PhD student, Katherine hopes to defend her dissertation proposal in the upcoming fall semester. Dr. Kelly Hyde (PhD ’02) established the Susan J. Zuravin PhD Scholarship in 2015 in recognition of her professor and mentor. A renowned scholar of child maltreatment, Dr. Zuravin worked in the field of child welfare for over twenty years, and brought real world experience to the classroom. Her use of survival analysis, now a commonly used analysis method in social work, was one of the first in the profession. Her 1996 article on the intergenerational cycle of child maltreatment, authored with three former PhD students, foreshadowed findings that continue to this day and has been cited nearly 200 times. Applicants to the Zuravin Scholarship wrote an essay describing current and/or future interest in child welfare research and evaluation, and/or children’s behavioral health research and evaluation. When reviewing Katherine’s application for the scholarship, one of the reviewers remarked, “This is a well-crafted application that clearly describes the student’s research interests in mindful parenting, self-compassion, and emotional regulation, which are consistent with the intent of the award.” Congratulations, Katherine!

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