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UMSSW New Research: Virtual coaching for child welfare workers – a tool to promote learning

julia kobulsky

Julia Kobulsky, former postdoctural fellow at the UMSSW (shown here), SSW Associate Professor Bethany Lee, PhD students Emily Goering and Catherine Moon, Associate Dean Charlotte Bright and MSW alum Chelsea Gray are co-authors of new research published in the Journal of Public Child Welfare. The article is titled "Virtual coaching for child welfare workers – a tool to promote learning."

ABSTRACT This pilot study considers the effects of a virtual coaching intervention on learning outcomes of an online training for child welfare workers. A two-group pretest–posttest design was used to assess differences in outcomes for participants taking part in virtual coaching (n = 27) compared with similar participants who received online training only (n = 300). The virtual coaching group completed significantly more training modules and perceived greater improvements in knowledge and practice than the no-coaching group. Findings suggest the importance of coaching to support transfer of learning and the efficacy of virtual coaching.

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