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Papers Co-authored by the Late Donna Harrington Published

donna harrington

"An ecological approach to monitor geographic disparities in cancer outcomes," has been published by PLOS ONE. The late Donna Harrington, PhD, former Professor and Associate Dean of the Doctoral Program at the UMSSW, was one of the co-authors.

ABSTRACT Area-level indices are widely used to assess the impact of socio-environmental characteristics on cancer outcomes. While area-level measures of socioeconomic status (SES) have been previously used in cancer settings, fewer studies have focused on evaluating the impact of area-level health services supply (HSS) characteristics on cancer outcomes. Moreover, there is significant variation in the methods and constructs used to create area-level indices.

Harrington is also a co-author of Epidemiological Determinants of Advanced Prostate Cancer in Elderly Men in the United States which has just been published in Clinical Medicine Insights: Oncology. READ MORE

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