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Conference: Forensic Social Work: Seeking Ethical Solutions in Interprofessional Practice

Forensic Social Work: Seeking Ethical Solutions in Interprofessional Practice From clinical service provision to international politics, forensic social workers are on the front lines of complicated, interprofessional and multi-client systems. NOFSW’s 36th annual conference will focus on practical, ethical, and evidence-based solutions for forensic social work. Concepts related to interprofessional partnerships, ethical dissonance and complex decision making, and applied solutions for healthy and productive forensic work will be our primary foci. Join us – June 10-14, 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada – as together, we take the next steps forward to promote ethical forensic social work across the globe. Conference Workshops include:

  • Social Work and Procedural Justice: Opportunities for System Change

  • Addressing the Opioid Crisis: Ethical Solutions in Interprofessional Practice

  • The School-to-Prison Pipeline: Examining Individual and School-Level Variables

  • Domestic Violence in Child Protection Matters

  • Best Practices in Forensic Interviewing in Interprofessional Settings

  • A Holistic Approach to Understanding the Impact of Drug Related Offenses Across Systems

  • Ensuring a Continuum of Care for Clients with Immigration Concerns in Forensic Settings

  • Ethical Dilemmas of Blended Practices

  • Tips and Tactics on Preventing Human Trafficking

  • The Emerging Practice of Forensic Social Work in Parent Representation Defense Cases

  • Beyond the Courtroom: Forensic Case Management in Criminal Defense

  • Reducing Bias in Decision Making

  • Inherent Bias in the Code of Ethics: Should the Code be Changed to Acknowledge Oppression in the Criminal Justice System?

  • Resolving the Ethical Conflicts on Solitary Confinement

  • Social Work and Police Partnerships: Common Goals, Common Ground

  • Ethical Conflicts and Solutions for Social Workers in the Criminal Justice System

  • Conference Networking and Poster Reception

  • and much more!

Early Bird Registration and Annual Membership Special Offer End May 14th!

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