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OASIS Meeting 4/29 with Adam Schneider

The purpose of OASIS shall be to promote unity among African-Americans and to empower students by providing academic, professional, social, and spiritual support. OASIS works to highlight issues of race, African-American culture and provisions of social service to African-American communities. As you may know, a Task Force has been created and working for several months to develop a framework for a plan to move the UMSSW toward a vision of being an institution that is committed to challenging racism and all forms of structural oppression, and to becoming a fully inclusive, equitable, diverse and multicultural institution. Professor Adam Schneider will be joining us to go over the domains, objectives and activities of the framework. We would like you to think about your experiences during your time here at the school of social work and think about what could be done to improve your own experience as a continuing student or the experience of others for those of us transitioning back into the real world. For example, how the curriculum be more culturally appropriate? In what ways could communication be improved between departments/students/requirements for advanced standing students? How can AA faculty members be better supported? What can be done to improve faculty selection? Other topics to think about: Students, administration, staff (none SSW faculty), safety, orientation, field, etc. No topic is off limits!!! Please don’t just bring complaints, bring feasible solutions! Input is necessary for change!! Come join us Monday, April 29,2019 in room 2E06 from 5pm-6pm! Dinner will be provided. Hope to see you there! If you have any questions, suggestions, concerns or ideas feel free to send us an email at

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