UMB and Promise Heights Students Take a Tasteful Course in Etiquette

The etiquette dinner table gathering invites students from Renaissance Academy High School and the University of Maryland to include good tables manners on their path to success.

Five forks. One dinner fork, a dessert fork, another for fish, a cocktail fork, another for salad, and four knives. Each with a specific purpose. Also, a position for each napkin, glass, and utensil to signify to the wait-staff if you were finished eating or simply resting. Fine dining can seem daunting but thankfully, last Thursday on the University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) campus, the International School of Protocol coached many students through a four-course meal with lessons on dining with etiquette.

Many universities host etiquette dinners for their students, but few if any include high school students. This Etiquette dinner was unique because it included students from UMB and Renaissance Academy together.



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