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SWCL 754 Online Offering Fall 2019

SWCL 754 was incorrectly identified as a hybrid course for the Fall 2019 schedule. It is a fully online class. Course description below: The mission of Social Work and Developmental Disabilities (SWCL 754; online) is to prepare students to deliver ethically sound, family-centered, and evidence-based services to children, adolescents, and emerging adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD). This clinical methods course uses self-paced, online multi-media modules to advance student understanding of the incidence and etiology of common intellectual and developmental disabilities, as well as the unique physical, psychosocial, and behavioral health needs of affected youths and their families. The online modules are typically due on Fridays across the Fall 2019 semester. Social Work and Developmental Disabilities also examines the intersection of culture and ethics in the delivery of family-centered services to this population, as well as how clinical assessment processes and practice models (e.g., group work and CBT) are adapted for the I/DD population. Social work students who intend to practice with this population must also be able to critically analyze historical and contemporary legislation impacting the health, quality of life, and community integration of individuals with I/DD and their families. Social Work and Developmental Disabilities is an optional methods course and is recommended for students who are interested service delivery to pediatric populations in a range of systems—school, child welfare, juvenile justice, health and behavioral health. This online practice course builds on the competencies students acquire in their foundation year. Prior experience in the disability field is not necessary to be successful in this course. SWCL 754 Final Exam will be administered via Blackboard on Friday, December 13, 2019 from 12PM-1:45PM, so please confirm availability before enrolling in this course. No exceptions will be made to the exam date or time, unless extreme extenuating circumstances arise or ADA accommodations are applicable. You may take the exam at the SSW 4th Floor Computer lab or at an offsite location that has dependable WiFi.

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