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Drs. Frey, Callahan, and Sacco Along with PhD students Hochheimer and Imboden Published in the Journ


Jodi Frey, Christine Callahan, Paul Sacco, Martin Hochheimer and Rachel Imboden co-authored a study assessing the feasibility of screening for at-risk gambling for individuals who contact credit counseling organizations seeking help with financial distress. They worked with Devon Hyde, 2012 graduate of the School of Social Work and current member of the Alumni Board of Advisors. This paper is a foundation for a larger recently funded project that will test a brief intervention to be deployed in this setting. See link to the study below: Citation: Sacco, P., Frey, J. J., Callahan, C., Hochheimer, M., Imboden, R., & Hyde, D. (2019). Feasibility of Brief Screening for At-Risk Gambling in Consumer Credit Counseling. Journal of Gambling Studies. doi:10.1007/s10899-019-09836-1

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