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Beyond UMB I Am

beyond UMB I am

“Beyond UMB I Am” is an exciting series where we explore the outside pursuits of our fellow UMB employees. On Feb 1st, Senior Vice President, Dr. Roger J. Ward, and SWCOS Executive Director, Dr. Wendy Shaia will start off our Spring series! Dr. Ward is the Senior Vice President for Operations and Institutional Effectiveness and Vice Dean of the Graduate School, but Beyond UMB he is a basketball coach. Join him as he showcases and shares more on the amazing work that he does outside our campus! Dr. Shaia is a Clinical Assistant Professor and Executive Director of the Social Work Community Outreach Service (SWCOS), at the University of Maryland School of Social Work, but Beyond UMB she is an author. Join her as she showcases her most recent publication, "Moving from survival to fulfillment: A planning framework for community schools." A framework that suggest “Community schooling as an effective tool for combating the effects of poverty through the integration of academic, social service, health, and economic supports for students, families, and community members!” RSVP link:

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