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Everything is Wonderful: Dramatic Action - Forgiveness in Community

everything is wonderful

Sunday, Feb. 24 @ 2 PM Join Everyman Theatre in partnership with University of Maryland School of Social Work for an examination of key themes and questions posed by Everything is Wonderful by Chelsea Marcantel. Each family member of this Amish community makes choices—decisions about their relationship to the trauma, family, and community they live among. The audience is placed at the center of this gripping reality, and draws parallels.


Learn and discuss where we see these same conflicts in our own lives, city and world: • What is your relationship to forgiveness? • How do individuals relate to their community? • How do we evaluate priorities in light of these two? • What can we learn from a community that lives outside of traditional societal norms? • How does one specific population grieve and where do we see ourselves and our city in their struggles?

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