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Apply for the "UM Scholars Program" - a Paid ($6,000) Mentored Summer Research Opportunity


UM Scholars is a mentored educational program that connects students from UMB to faculty mentors at UMCP to work on research projects designed to expand students’ knowledge and enlighten students about career choices. Conducted in 10-week terms (400 hours), students who are accepted into the program receive a $6,000 stipend. UMB students from law, social work, nursing and medicine participate in programs at College Park in areas as diverse as bioengineering, public health and behavioral and social sciences. Applications are due on March 1st. Participants will identify projects on which they would like to work. Last year two students from the School of Social Work were accepted into the program. If you are a student interested in social and behavioral research, check out the website below for more information.

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